about us



jallo clothes are made for you and your little ones. Making basics, timeless. jallo is run by me, Jasmine. Hiya! Thanks for stopping by :)

I have been dreaming about this shop for nearly 10 years having studied Fashion/Image making for 6! I have been through a few sewing machines and twice as many cameras. The concept of jallo is based on garments from our youth. My Mum and I would wear a lot of dungees, oversized tees and lounging leggings....(nothing has changed tbh)

Between Fashion industry jobs and jallo, I lived in Asia. It was the most inspiring time ever! I was all consumed with everything and of course, the clothes! 

jallo was born a week after I got married (although in my dreams a looonnngggg time before this). I decided to finally take the plunge (after taking the plunge lol) because I got made redundant (with no redundancy pay!) from my job on, yes you guessed it, my wedding day! I came to terms with this news and decided to accept it as a wedding gift. A gift named JALLO!

At jallo, we aim to produce quality and ethical items. We source deadstock fabric whenever possible and use any scraps for our accessories or personalised items. 

Thanks so much for joining me here, I really appreciate you and I hope you enjoy jallo's timeless looks as much as me! Please feel free to join me over on social media and have a chat.


jallo xo